#255 – Expo Working

Today was day two at the Technology for Marketing and Advertising Expo at Earls Court in London, and it saw me in back to back meetings until I left.
After two days, I managed one seminar and I think I spent more than 5 minutes at only a handful of exhibitors stands – the rest of the time was spent in meetings and networking around the coffee cups. So this is my view of the day!

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#254 – Earls Court

Busy day today at the Technology for Marketing and Advertising expo in London. Lots of walking, meetings and informal chats.
Seem only natural that the photo was of Earl’s Court itself.

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#137 – The Lovely Commute

Just got a chance to go through some of the photos that I took on the streets on London the other morning, and this one stood out. If only all commutes were like this.

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#135 – Covent Garden

After a long day pounding the floor and talking to customers at the show today, the team hit London town, and headed to Covent Garden. Obviously I took the camera, but missed not having the tripod!

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#6 – Going Underground


Today sees me travelling around the depths of London’s underground, seemingly popping up to the surface briefly for some fresh air, before returning to the depths again.

This seems to be the normal run of things when I am in London for client meetings..

Travel in on the train,
straight into the underground,
up to surface,
back below ground,
repeat, get on the train and travel home!

This picture seemed fitting today – and I only had my iPhone with me as well.

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