#292 – Bike Riding Again

Good Friday, and a day off with the kids. So today was spent bike riding and doing an Easter Egg hunt. 10 miles later I think that everyone has exhausted – so pizza night was brought in tonight!

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#264 – Home made pizza night

Friday night – and kids pizza and film night again. Everyone was in good spirits tonight, and I had the request that they wanted to make their own pizzas tonight. So we had a small pizza factory going on the kitchen table. All fine, except that I had forgotten that I actually had to cook 7 individual pizzas! No easy task!

Anyway, the photo of today is off my baby, Tilly making her creation. A 12″ cheese and tomato pizza with with a face made out of ham and sweetcorn! Now you can’t find them on the pizza shelf in Sainsburys!

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#209 – Pizza Night

It’s Friday night and we have the kids this weekend, so it must be Pizza night. Off I went to a local store to stock up on the required substance. You will be glad to know that we didn’t eat all of these – but we had a good go! ;-)

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#14 – Pizza night

Friday night is fast becoming known as pizza night in this household now. Whilst I did start out actually making the pizza dough, that quickly moved to shop brought pizzas bases and now, this evening it’s crashed to Domino’s Pizza. The kids were devastated, in tears quite obviously not to be eating dad’s pizza! As if!

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