#357 – Shhh!

Sometimes, it’s more fun to say nothing, than to say something.

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#353 – Ageing Disgracefully

Seems that after suggesting to my little sister that she should do a  self-portrait for her photo today, that I should also do one as well. So here I go, ageing disgracefully. I know that I suggested that a self-portrait should be done at least once a month, but I don’t seem to have held up that rule. Ho hum!

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#322 – Drupa Day 5

Day 5 and another day at the Messe with Drupa 2012, but tonight show the XMPie out for the team meal. Whilst I would love to share some photos from their, I thought that I would share a rare photo of me instead! Apologies.

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#304 – Just Me Today

I got told yesterday that I had not done a self portrait for a while, which is very true. So tonight it’s just me I am afraid to say. Quick, simply and to the point – as I am not one for being in front of the camera, I prefer being behind the lens.

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#248 – Assuming the position

Today’s meeting in London was cancelled, which is probably a good job as I spent yesterday’s meeting in London feeling bad and coughing all the time (how professional!). Luckily, Rach had a lovely cooked meal waiting for me upon my return, which made the day all the better. Anyway, the thought of driving back into London was not one that I was looking forward to! So upon it’s cancellation I resorted to working from home, the vast quantity of which has been spent on the sofa, laptop on lap. Still coughing and still blocked with a head cold, but better than being out and about!

‘Nurse Rach’ even very kindly dropped in on the drugs and tissue run ;-)

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#120 – The morning after the night before

It’s my birthday – and subsequently the ‘morning after the night before’, and a Sunday. We’ve crashed, nursing the bruises!


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#41 – iPhone in iPad in Photo Self Portrait


Well, sincere thanks to Guy for suggesting this composition of taking the ‘picture in picture’ concept one stage further! So here we have a picture in a picture in a picture! It took me a while to get it right, and  it’s still a bit rough around the edges. However, without a remote for my camera and some decent lighting, this was never going to be easy! So without the necessary tools to make this easier I turned to PhotoShop and put that to work to create the shot correctly.

This is actually three images layered together, one of my, one of the iPhone and another of the iPad. The hardest part was putting it all together in a way which looks realistic!

Any more suggestions for shots, then leave a comment and I will see what I can do! Actually, it nice to have some direction or suggestions, so please feel free to suggest some.


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#15 – Portrait Number 1

It is suggested, by others that have also done a project like this, that at least once a month you should post a portrait of yourself. Well, this shot was actually taken by my 5 year daughter this morning. I haven’t cropped it at all. Not a bad shot at all Tilly – well done!

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