#73 – One Last Memory of Falesia Beach

It’s been a busy day today with the kids (not quite made it back to work yet!) so I haven’t had much chance to take any shots. I’ve spent an age processing the photos from the holiday. So as a blatant cop-out I’ll post my final HDR shot of Falesia Beach in Portugal. Normal service should be resumed soon!

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#72 – Remembering Falesia Beach

Just one day back from Portugal and I am already reminiscing of the past week. High up on list of things to do, along with 20 loads of washing is sorting the photos out from last week. Before I sift through the hundreds of the kids jumping in the pool, I had a few HDR shots to process of cliffs at Falesia beach. This is one of them looking up the cliff edge, and the tree growing over the side.


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#71 – Last Day at the Pool and home

Last day at the villa in Portugal today and a final chance to take full benefit of the villa’s pool for a final water fight with the kids. It was a shame to leave the villa after a great week, but we had to. A safe flight back home and finally too our own beds. Here’s to a great week with everyone in Portugal.

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#70 – Last Day at Falesia Beach

Today was our last full day in Portugal, so we headed back to the beach for the day. The current wasn’t as strong as it was the other day so everyone had a great time.

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#68 – Aqualand, Portugal

We took the kids out today to a nearby waterpark for lots of fun and splashing about. I believe that we spent almost 7 and a half hours there, running about and piping down the various slides. I think that the kids enjoyed it as they all came back shattered and crashed out without any fights!

This shot was taken (amongst the hundreds!) as the sun was setting and four of the kid were, once again racing down the slide!

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#67 – 32 Degrees in the shade

Phew, another hot day in the sun! 32 degrees in the shade today by the pool at the villa. After the heat of the beach yesterday, and in preparation of the water park tomorrow we decided on another day by the pool today.

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#66 – Falesia Beach

After a slow start this morning, we ventured down the road to Falesia Beach for the day. The kids had a great time on the beach. The shallow beach coupled with a strong wind made for some great waves. Seemed like more of the sea was being drunk accidentally opposed to swam in! Made it back to the villa with enough time for the kids to jump into the pool before heading out to grab a pizza.

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#65 – Pool day!

Although there were promises of a swim when we arrive yesterday, we weren’t counting on a several hour delay resulting in us getting in too late!

Unsurprisingly the kids were up and awake early this morning, and there were chants for the pool at 8:30 in the morning. The weather has been great so the kids have been having a great time by the pool today. Time for dad to show them how to dive-bomb into a pool!

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#64 – Finally Arrived

It’s been a long day travelling with the 5 kids today, but we have finally arrived in Portugal. Several hours of delays in East Midland meant that we arrived late, so it was tea out and then bed! Unpacking and sorting can wait until tomorrow.

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