Are marketers running in the wrong direction with their budget?

A couple of things caught my eye over the past week; one was a report from Forrester and another was a survey that came from InfoPrint Solutions. Both combined made me ask the question, “Are marketers all running in the wrong direction?”.

The report from Forresters (Click here for report) shows the dramatic shift away from traditional marketing spend onto new interactive media; things like search, display, email, social and mobile marketing. In summary an increase from $20 billion to over $55 billion over the next few years. And where is this new spend coming from? Certainly not from an increase marketing budget – but instead by reducing the spend in other areas.

When surveyed 60% of marketers said that they would be reducing their budget away from traditional marketing. 40% would be cutting direct mail spend, 35% would be cutting newspapers spend and 28% would be cutting magazine spend.

This is a huge swing away from traditional printed media – and in some ways my doorstep will feel better for it.

However, would I be happy to have the amount of direct mail reduced only to see a dramatic increase in junk that is coming through to me via email, mobile and online medias? I do not think so.

It seems like marketers and organisations alike are desperately moving away from traditional medias because they are expensive and not cost effective – whereas online is cheaper and has potentially better results. However I come back to ‘me’, the customer – what would I prefer?

In contrast  within the Infoprint survey (Click here for the report) 50% of respondents stated that they would prefer to receive marketing information about new products or services via traditional mail rather than email. Three out of […]

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Come on Lexmark support Linux a bit more please!

Why is it in today’s open market that some suppliers seem to ignore major trends in the market? Take Lexmark and their support of Linux…A while ago, I purchased an all-in-one Lexmark x4550 printer; it was cheapish, and more importantly wireless so I could plug it in anywhere. Getting it working wirelessly under Windows wasn’t to bad, although scanning back wirelessly is still a bit hit and miss. However recently I tried to install it under ubuntu … and then things got annoying. No driver, no PPD and no support – there seems to be people screaming all over the Internet that there is no driver and no support from Lexmark. I’m quite happy to install a virtual XP box, and share the printer from that – however I still need a PPD to configure it correctly. I’m not even asking for full support – just the ability to print a sodding page would be nice! A Page in colour would be even better. But no, the best that I have managed to date is to get a blank piece of paper pushed through. “ohhhh” I hear you shout!I have to admit that this was one of those impluse purchases that I should’ve checked more on!Won’t be buying another Lexmark printer any time soon though!

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