UK Seasonal Shop

UK Seasonal Shop is my first venture into affiliate marketing. Set up and hosted via Community Hosts. UK Seasonal Shop aims to promote UK seasonal shopping discounts and offers from hundreds of UK retailers.

Utilising WordPress the site only took a couple days to create Рand essentially manages itself. Linked to Facebook and Twitter the site cross-posts everything that is posted across these social media networks. Various feeds are used to automatically populate the site, as well as engaging several authors to regularly post offers, discounts and seasonal articles.

The site is working well, and has proven that there is a fair amount of work needed within the affiliate selling market to pull a regular profit. The site continues to grow though and has begun making a profit – which is always nice to see.

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Overseal Village

The local village of Overseal was in great need of a new and fresh website, which would allow residents to connect and communicate with each other. Again the website was built using WordPress, allowing various authors to contribute and collaborate together.

The site also connects to Facebook so that articles posted on the website are automatically cross-posted on the Facebook page, allowing a quick and easy ‘push’ out to the local residents.

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GreenFortune, a local alternative folk rock band wanted a better presence on the web, opposed to using some of the more generic free, band based sites. They used Community Hosts to provide a free online presence with a sophisticated, yet simple to maintain website. We used WordPress and a series of powerful plug-ins to give the band, and their members full access to maintain and promote themselves on the Internet.

For a more detailed look at the site, take a look at the following article

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Community Hosts

Community Host is a community based hosting and marketing organisation. We aim to provide free web hosting to communities across the UK.

This was set up back in 2009 and has been growing since.

This offers clients free web hosting services, as well paid-for consultancy. Community Hosts are responsible to several successful sites within the local community.

For more information take a look at

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