#355 – Summer has been blown away

Well apparently the English Summer was here but has now been blown away! Only the other week I was sat outside in baking sun, this morning the wet weather had been joined by gale force winds! The back garden has been battered last night and needed some tidying up this morning!

Other than that it’s been a good day intermingled with some battering on the motorway whilst driving to and from the office!

#355 – which means that I only have another 10 (11 if we are counting the fact it’s a leap year!) photos to go in this project! The reality of this is now hitting home, and I am starting to think about what to do after this project has run it’s course. I would like to try and collect all the photos together into a printed book, but just debating if to carry it on for another year, or do something different. Ideas?

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#315 – House Bound and Creative

Yet another miserable day outside, so no chance of really getting outside with the camera. Personally, it’s been a better day though and that has allowed me to spend some time keeping busy to create a website. This I always enjoy. Plus the fact that the kids were back this afternoon so the house was a bit less quiet.

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#81 – Cold, Wet and Dark – Welcome home

Arrived back home from Edinburgh tonight to a wet, cold and dark reception! Not that the weather was much better in Edinburgh, but is never nice to arrive home to that. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

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#48 – Rain drops off a car roof

Less than 24 hours and I will be away and sunning by the pool! So the rain today had little effect! The downpour today washed over me like these drops off the roof of my car.

This post is also my first test of completely posting on a mobile platform, for tomorrow I leave my laptop, complete with Photoshop at home. For the next week I will be armed with only my camera, iPhone and iPad, so it will be a test of whether the tech can cope.

This shot was taken on my iPhone, uploaded to Picasa, edited on PhotoShop Express on the iPad before writing this post in WordPress on the iPad!

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#21 – Damn you rain!

Damn you English weather! What was just a not-too-bad day just turned into an almighty rainstorm! Most people would’ve rushed out and grabbed the washing in. I on the other hand think about doing that but instead take a picture and say to myself, “Well, once the rain stops it will soon dry!” …. providing it doesn’t rain again.

Of course the other resolution would be to go out and buy a tumble-dryer…

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