#328 – She loves shopping

Well, it’s been great to have the kids around this weekend after the antics of this week. It’s been a busy one though, with a fair bit of running around, so not much photography has been taking place.
A bit of shopping, some playing, cooking, and a swimming gala!

After reaching out to the Twitterati, and realizing that the camera on the SLR was flat I have had to resort to iphonography again today. So this one is the face that Tilly gave me when asked if she was having fun shopping with her Dad this morning ;-) Honestly she was smiling 10 seconds prior to this shot!

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#173 – Christmas Shopping has Started

The Christmas shopping started in earnest today with trips to Costco and ToysRus. Costco was also to stock up on some essentials, but presents were also being found on the shelves. What was left for the kids was then scooped up from ToysRus. Job done, time for a rest!

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#132 – Starbucks and Spending

Today saw the return of the almost monthly visit to Ikea! This time for Rachael to stock up on some bits and pieces – I was simply the driver! So, would someone please explain to me how I managed to leave having spent more money!?! I only purchased a few lights and a coffee table!

Starbucks was a much needed stop, although I not as impressed with them these days, over priced and a tad on the pretentious side.

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#22 – Costa Coffee, I love you!

Today was a shopping day as I am off to the USA tomorrow, so several items were needed. I’m a typical male when shopping is concerned – in, grab, (pay) and out! No messing about. However the saving grace was Costa Coffee for a much needed sit down and caffeine intake.


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