#55 – Musical Mastermind

Final full day in Morocco today. Started, for a change with a relax by the pool. Whilst Rachael was happy enough there and not enthused about another trip into the souk after yesterday’s hustle and bustle I needed to exchange a few items I had purchased!

After a while the bartering gets on your nerves, you are bartering for everything. Need a taxi? then barter the fare, want a drink? then barter the price, want to buy something? then haggle until you are within an inch of your wallet … and then haggle over the tip that you are expected to give the seller for his hard work! WTF!

Personally I can’t wait to get back into the UK and just pay the over inflated prices, opposed to haggling down the stupidly over inflated prices to an acceptable over inflated price!

Anyway, whilst I was back in the main square I took some more shots, whilst swiping away the various people asking for money because I had taken their photo!

This guy symbolised it all …. Hopelessly sat on the floor pulling the bow across his violin in a way that I was able to do after having the same instrument for a minute in junior school. After several terrible notes he would hold out his hat and ask for money. Failing to get any he would up and move to another spot in the square! Priceless.

Sorry, if you feel sorry for some of these people you will be as poor as some of them yourself in two minutes!

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#54 – Back in the souks again

Another warm day in the sun again, and back into the souks for some more bartering and soaking up of the local culture!

I can safely say that the souk last time seemed a much more relaxed place after Ramadan had finished, opposed to tonight. There was much more hustle and bustle today and more in-your-face people wanting your money. We certainly had to drop the typical westerner behaviour and get shirty with a few people this evening! Never the less it was fun, and something that should be experienced by everyone.

To avoid some attention I was shooting a lot of shots from the hip on my camera, so it was a bit hit and miss. Managed to get a few street shots though, and this one I liked.

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#52 – I give you a good price!

Another lazy day by the pool today, so Rachael and I headed into the centre of Marrakech to experience the souks after Ramadan had finished. We had our best bartering heads on, and managed to bag some cheap original fakes along with some local gifts for the kids.

I had to chuckle at the ways in which the locals will attempt to get you into their shops, we even had one offer to “give us a good price, an Asda price”!

Didn’t manage to finish everything, and I would l like to head back whilst it’s light to grab some more shots another day.

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