#345 – Windscreen time

Well today has seen a change of pace compared to yesterday. 4 hours in the car this morning in stationery traffic on the M40 – and day full of meetings followed by a sunset drenched drive on the way home. I lack of time online today has also been a refreshing change, but back online again now and happier.

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#329 – McSunset

This project has the ability to take over my life at any time! It’s been a good day today with the kids – lots of relaxing, playing and having fun (I’m still tidying the house!). However at the end of the day, post swimming practice for the kids, and with McDonald’s smelling the car out, the audible groans from the kids when I announced that I needed to stop to take a picture were deafening!

Either way, the deed was soon done, and McDonald’s was soon being consumed at home.

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#191 – Stanwick Lakes

It was the family get-together today. Much fun was had by tall, and a fair amount of alcohol consumed….

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#100 – Sunset to another day

Little chance to catch a shot today and shock-horror the battery on the DSLR was flat as a pancake! Sorry, I appreciate that is a cardinal sin amongst photographers and I should have a spare battery – but I didn’t, so I was left with the iPhone. Hence, this is the best that I could muster!

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