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#71 – Last Day at the Pool and home

Last day at the villa in Portugal today and a final chance to take full benefit of the villa’s pool for a final water fight with the kids. It was a shame to leave the villa after a great week, but we had to. A safe flight back home and finally too our own beds. Here’s to a great week with everyone in Portugal.

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#65 – Pool day!

Although there were promises of a swim when we arrive yesterday, we weren’t counting on a several hour delay resulting in us getting in too late!

Unsurprisingly the kids were up and awake early this morning, and there were chants for the pool at 8:30 in the morning. The weather has been great so the kids have been having a great time by the pool today. Time for dad to show them how to dive-bomb into a pool!

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#53 – More relaxing by the pool

Ah, the stresses and strains of holiday in the sun by the pool! It’s been another day of lazying by the waterside. Don’t get me wrong, I’m missing the kids but I am treating this as the rest before the onslaught. A week after we get back all 7 of us are hitting the beach in Portugal. Can’t wait for that break, but I doubt that it will be as relaxing as this one! Bring on the hours of pool-play and being buried in the sand!

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#51 – The only cool place in the sun

A somewhat warm place in the sun today – sitting steady at 42 degrees! The only escape was the swimming pool for both Rachael and I.

As you can see it was another day of doing nothing by the pool, total relaxation. The only tough choices needing to be made were between more beer, another game of scrabble, a swim or getting some food!

As a bonus I managed to get the phone sorted so I was able to chat with the kids back at home enjoying their holiday.

We are planning a venture into the centre of Marrakech tomorrow, o looking forward to that.

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