#326 – OFSTED and Endings

Weird day today, first day back from Drupa and catching up on work, and emails. The first day of OFSTED being in school, and coping with that and all the associated paperwork and preparation and the end of a good glass of wine to round it all off.

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#297 – Wishing for Wine-O-Clock

I’ve been working at home all day, and still have more work do do later! However, its a Wednesday, and I am on the swimming run with Josh, so sat poolside, headphones in and blogging away. Knowing that I wasn’t goint to get a huge amount of time to grab a shot, I set one up earlier, of some wine being poured. Problem was that I didn’t get the chance to drink it, so I am patiently waiting on wine-o-clock!

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#172 – Bye bye cruel week!

Good by cruel week. You’ve been evil, long, wet and windy … Now it’s wine o’clock….

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#163 – Long Day, Wine O’Clock

Another long day today! A good day though so it was spent talking to existing and prospective customers, which is always a good thing and a worthwhile use of my time. The traffic and the weather on the way home has horrendous, so I was more than glad to get back home and crack open the wine!

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#76 – A View into Wine-o-clock

I’m going to admit it, “It’s been a reality check coming back to work!”. There, I’ve said it. However on the flip-side it’s now 5:30 on Friday afternoon and I’ve had a glass of wine lovingly delivered to my desk. Therefore, by my clock it’s Wine-o-clock in the UK. Enjoy!

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#35 – TGIF

Thank God, it’s Friday. Bring forth the wine. Simples! Nuff Said.

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