#352 – Play Day

Last day of the long weekend with the kids today, and after the activities of the last few days we thought that a day of playing at home was needed. Josh and I have been fighting it out on the race track, whilst Tilly has been chatting away with friends. The day was finished off with a homemade lasagne from Josh and a film on the sofa.

Back to work tomorrow.

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#147 – Called for Duty

Looks like I could hide no longer from the invading forces of the Russians, and have taken to arms in Modern Warfare! Bring it on!

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#16 – My life’s slipped into a Portal

My life is seemingly being sucked into a Portal at the moment. It’s been a busy weekend with the kids, so photography has been side-lined a bit. I had all good intentions of taking the camera to the park with the kids today, but that outing didn’t happen. However, I did however take the kids into town today and happened to come away with a copy of Portal 2 – which is frustrating addictive it seems. I know that it’s a cope-out of sorts but with the absence of many other subjects to shoot, I felt that this was a suitable remembrance shot for today!


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