#321 – Drupa Day 4 – Xerox

Day 3 of the show, and Day 4 of my visit. Not many UK customers to talk to today – but then those sensible ones would’ve realized that it’s a bank holiday weekend, and stayed with their families! Still busy though, and my feet are now reaching their pain threshold!

I did however manage to breach the VIP lounge up above the Xerox stand and take this picture during the day, before being escorted off the premises ;-)

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#263 – Social Media, Coffee and Knowledge Sharing

Today it’s a tale of social media, coffee and knowledge sharing. A while back on Twitter I connected with @TimTD (Tim Tarby-Donald) in a conversation about QRCodes, since then it’s expired that we both work for Xerox, but in different communities (Xerox is a large company after all!). We continued conversing and even got Klout scores for being influential about coffee! Since then, we’ve noted that Tim’s team would benefit from a better understanding of XMPie.

Today we finally managed to meet up, I presented to his team, and we even got the coffee we’d been promising each other. Results all round in my book. Just a shame that the sandwich purchased from the service station didn’t have the same results!

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#149 – My Audience Awaits

Another Xerox business event today, this time in the North of the country. I do like presenting at these events, the time constraints are tight, and the content needs to be concise.

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#101 – Getting SMART with Xerox

Today is a day full of presentations at Xerox European Head Quarters in Uxbridge. Didn’t bring the DSLR today (still haven’t charged the battery!!!) so shooting from the iPhone. Just taking 5 minutes whilst someone else is presenting to quickly upload this photo for the day.

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#33 – Small Printer Anyone?

Meetings with Xerox today up in Cheadle, so little opportunity with the Camera. This, for the uninitiated is a Xerox DocuColor 1000 digital press. This takes me back a few years when I first walked into a Xerox showroom and gasped at the sheer size at what is a ‘printer’! The printer sat on my desk at home is a printer, this on the other hand is a monster!


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Xerox Ice – a Shining Example of Smart Customer Engagement using XMPie

Recently we’ve been working on a project with Xerox UK to enhance their customer communications when inviting customers into the Xerox UK Showrooms. Previously there was no real formal engagement process and it was left in the hands of the Xerox sales person to book the demonstration and then communicate back with the customer both prior to and after the event. This typically resulted in brand-inconsistent communications going out to customers attracting them to Xerox’s premier locations across the UK.

The Xerox ICE project introduces a new innovative and creative approach to this issue and makes excellent and full use of XMPie to achieve an interactive and compelling customer experience. In essence as soon as a sales person enters the customer’s details XMPie is utilized to create, send and deliver all the communication to the customer; some will attend some will cancel. However every customer receives timely, relevant and personalised communications via email, RURL, SMS and print both prior to their demonstration and after the customer returns to their desk.

This customer communication campaign is an excellent example of what I am calling the ‘See/Saw’ effect within an interactive campaign. Essentially prior to the demonstration the campaign materials and website are all talking about what the customer will see on the day – and then after the event has passed any subsequent communication will talk about what the customer saw on the day. From one set of data, one set of business rules and one set of templates (print, email, SMS and web) the campaign is creating timely and relevant communication.

“ICE gives us a professional communications campaign based on complex logic.  Critically using XMPie Personal Effect we were able to make it simple to access […]

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XMPie and Xerox EIP Integration

Just discovered a video of myself presenting XMPie and our integration into Xerox’s Extensible Interface Platform (EIP) at a local Xerox event back in June 2008. Only a short information pitch to a relatively small audience; but it went down well. 

XMPie presenting EIP integration into Xerox’s EIP from David Baldaro on Vimeo.

For more information on Xerox’s EIP check out Xerox’s EIP website.
Full disclosure: At the time of writing this article the author was employed by XMPie, a Xerox Company.

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